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Welcome to Inspiring Learning

A self-help improvement framework for museums, libraries and archives

Inspiring Learning supports you to

  • Assess your strengths and plan improvements
  • Provide evidence of the impact of your activities through the generic learning and generic social outcomes
  • Improve your strategic and operational performance 

Inspiring Learning has been used successfully by many organisations including the BBC, English Heritage and Tate.

Planning and assessment tool

People, Places, Partnerships, Policies

A framework that supports you to review and improve performance. It can help develop more effective learning opportunities and create learning environments by

  • Helping to understand how to achieve best practice in supporting learning
  • Helping to identify how your museum, library or archive supports learning
  • Helping to plan and develop effective learning partnerships with other teams and organisations  

How we define

Inspiring learning is built on a broad and inclusive definition of learning. We believe that learning

  • Is a process of active engagement with experience
  • Is what people do when they want to make sense of the world
  • Can include the development of skills, knowledge, understanding, values, ideas or feelings

Generic Learning Outcomes (GLOs)

There are five Generic Learning Outcomes which

  • Describe what and how people learn in museums, libraries and archives
  • Help you to identify and evidence the benefits for people of taking part in museum, library and archive activities
  • Have a proven track record of measuring outcomes

Generic Social Outcomes (GSOs)

There are three Generic Social Outcomes which

  • Demonstrate how museums, libraries and archives support wider community benefits
  • Demonstrate a contribution to social cohesion, health and well-being

Inspiring Learning tools and templates

Lots of useful downloads including

  • Action planning templates
  • Guide to selecting research methods
  • Question bank to create and customise your surveys 

Alignment to other frameworks

Inspiring Learning can be aligned to key policy priorities including

  • The Every Child Matters outcomes
  • The statutory aims of the curriculum
  • Personal, learning and thinking skills framework
  • The core principles of informal adult learning

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